Sunday, November 6, 2011


Salvete Amici!  Hola Amigas!  W'sup!  Howdy Friends! 

Okay, so the name of the blog makes sense now, no?  :) I am a nerdy, crafty, wanna-be seamstress, designer, photographer, writer, artist, scrapbooking, sewing, HOMESCHOOLING, and most important- Mom!  I've been posting to my homeschool blog, Homeschool Nature Study & More for a couple of years now and just really wanted somewhere to organize, share, and play with the great crafting ideas I come across and (some) actually take (find) the time to create! <3

If nothing else, maybe some other crafty, nerdy (although YOU don't have to be a nerd! :) mama might find a fun, creative craft that THEY find the time to do and I can be uber happy (and a tad envious) that they were able to use the idea and enjoy it!  Just maybe- being "accountable" in some odd, cyber way will motivate me to finish those ProCRAFTinting projects laying around my house (clutter anyone?) and to start some of the new, "must-do" crafts I find!!  More crafting, less surfing! 

I hope you enjoy some of the ideas, photos, or tutorials and SHARE what you create!  I love to see others' crafts and art! 


Much love & blessings,